ZHERNENSKY, MOSHE ELIYAHU (pseudonym M.E. Jacques; 1887–1948), Hebrew writer. Born in Kamenets, Lithuania, he served (from 1929–32) on the editorial board of the Hebrew encyclopedia Eshkol in Berlin. He went to Palestine in 1933. His articles on language, problems of translation, modes of poetic expression, and other topics appeared in various journals. He wrote penetratingly on the Hebrew poetry of the Middle Ages, the poetry of bialik , and the writings of agnon . Three volumes of his works appeared: Mi-Saviv (1929), Bein ha-Shelabbim (1940), and Arugot (1949). His translations from Russian, French, and German include: The Brothers Karamazov, 3 vols. (1921–29), stories by Balzac (1943), and Gottesdienstliche Vortraege der Juden by L. Zunz (1947). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: N. Goren, Demuyyot be-Sifrutenu (1953), 237–43; Rabbi Binyamin, Mishpeḥot Soferim (1960), 342–4. (Gedalyah Elkoshi)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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